Riddle UI - Neo Brutalism UI Kit (v1.0)

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Discover the Power of Neo-Brutalism Design with Riddle UI.

Unleash your creative potential with our comprehensive design system that embraces the raw and bold aesthetics of Neo-Brutalism. Packed with meticulously crafted components, rich typography, and a vast library of icons, Riddle UI empowers you to create visually striking interfaces that challenge conventions.

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Current version: 1.0.0

With a focus on user experience and streamlined workflows, Riddle UI offers a wide range of interactive components, utility elements, and marketing UI sections to bring your designs to life. Whether you're a seasoned designer or just starting out, our system provides a solid foundation for crafting captivating digital experiences.

But it doesn't stop there. Our publication includes detailed documentation, Figma and Framer files, and real-world examples to help you master the system and accelerate your design process. Plus, lifetime updates ensure that you stay at the forefront of design trends without any additional cost.

Feature List:

  • Foundations: Colors, Typography, Hand-drawn Icons, Spacing & Grids, Effects, Brand
  • Utility Elements: Attachment, Avatars, Buttons, Button group, Badges, Checkbox, Radio, Toggle, Menu, Dropdown, Form fields, Progress bar, Range slider, Tags, Tooltips
  • Interactive Components: Accordion, Alert, Breadcrumbs, Coach mark, Divider, Datepicker, File uploader, Empty state, Loader, Flyoutmenu, Navbar, Pagination, Steps, Tabs, Sidebar navigations, Table, Charts, Modals, Stats, Notifications, Heading, & Footers, Stacked, Action panels, Radio groups
  • Marketing UI Sections: Hero, Feature, Testimonial, Pricing, Footer, Team, CTA, Logo cloud, Stats, Banner, FAQ, Page header
  • Example Pages: Fully responsive (Figma & Framer), animated landing pages
  • Figma and Framer Files: Easy integration with design tools

Unlock boundless creativity and elevate your design game with Riddle UI. Get ready to revolutionize your design process and create captivating user experiences.

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Riddle UI - Neo Brutalism UI Kit (v1.0)

4 ratings
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